We are all the Makers of Peace: a call for a massive rally on Saturday April 8th, in Bayonne A Call to rally

Disarmament day

April 8th

All, men and women, Makers of Peace !

The Makers of Peace, the whole Basque country civil society, political figures of all stripes (EH Bai, the Green Party, PS, UDI, LR, PNV), trade unions, the League of the Human Rights as well as The PassBand, all call, with the participation of the Institutions from the North and from the South, for a massive and exceptional rally of female and male citizens on Saturday April 8th in Bayonne, in order to achieve, with the collaboration of the International Commission of Verification, full, verified, safe disarmament of the military arsenal of ETA, without any political conditions, and to proceed towards fair, continuous and permanent peace.

10.30 World preview showing (organized by Bake Bidea), free access, of
Peace Now, a demand from the people, a movie
directed by Thomas Lacoste (LBP, 2017, 23’) Followed by a debate with the participants in the movie: Louis Joinet (UNO comittee of human rights),
Jean-Pierre Massias (consultant at the Council of Europe),
and director Thomas Lacoste.
in Cinema L'Atalante
(7, rue Denis Etcheverry in Bayonne - advance booking tél. 05 59 55 76 63)
12.00 Debate (organized by Bake Bidea) with Joseba Azkarraga (spokesman for SARE and former adviser for Basque Government)
Aitzpea Leizaola (Anthropologist, member of the Forum Social Permanent)
and Philippe Texier (UNO Comittee of cultural, social and economic rights) Debate under tent (esplanade Roland Barthes) 14.30 World preview showing, free access, of
Peace Now, a demand from the people
subtitled version in Euskara Public Viewing screen, square Paul Bert 15.00 Big rally for disarmament to serve Peace Square Paul Bert

Peace Now
A demand from the people

A movie directed by Thomas Lacoste (LBP, 2017, 23’ VOST en english, español, euskara & italiano) A film on the disarmament and peace process in the Basque country Watch and share the film as you please Peace Now, a demand from the people

The PassBand proposes a short film, Peace Now, a demand from the people to support disarmament and peace in the Basque country, to explain to the greatest number of people why it is necessary, and to highlight the absurd repressive logics and strategy of silence of the French and Spanish states.

While for the first time in the history of conflicts, a politico-military organisation one-sidedly declares peace and hands down their weapons, without conditions, the Basque population, if not the States, gets mobilized and decides to take care of the neutralisation and restitution of ETA's military arsenal.

The short film Peace Now, a demand from the people will be followed in the next few weeks by a full-length film by Thomas Lacoste on the necessary resolution of the last armed conflict in Western Europe.

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